Pina Colada Inspired Recipe


Aloha! It’s turning into fall here in PDX and with fall comes the rain…but we’ve got Hawaiian vacay’s on the brain here at Fancy That! So it’s only natural that we talk about blended drinks! If you ask me, there’s no better way to get rid of those rainy day blues than with a tropical drink in your hand. This pina colada milk shake is so sweet, so fresh and so easy. Make it a virgin or dirty it up a bit with some rum! Here’s how you make it…

pina colada shake

You will need 1 can of coconut milk, a bag of frozen pineapple and vanilla ice cream. Rum is optional 🙂


In a blender put the whole can of coconut milk (make sure it’s the full fat kind so you get that delicious cream top), the whole bag of pineapple, and 3 heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream. If you want to add a little sumpin sumpin, pour in a splash or two or three of your favorite rum right in there.

Pina Colada Shake

Blend it up until it’s nice a smooth. At this point you can pour it into a glass and drink it like a shake or you can do what I did and put it in the freezer for about a half an hour to let it firm up a bit.

Pina Colada Shake

Once it’s firm you can scoop your pina colada mix into Fancy That’s cute ice cream cups and serve it like soft serve. Add a dollop of whip cream and some pineapple bits and you have one onolicious tropical treat!


pina colada shake

Wouldn’t this be perfect to serve at your palm tree themed party?!

Pina Colada Shake Recipe

1 can full fat coconut milk

1 16 oz bag of frozen pineapple

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Rum (optional)

Put all ingredients into blender. Blend until smooth. Serve in glasses or place in freezer for 30 minutes for a scoopable treat.

A hui hou kakou (until we meet again)!

Palm Tree Party Ideas


Well, summer is o v e r.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already missing the sunshine and warm summer nights. I wish to be magically transported to a tropical island where I can sit under a palm tree, listen to the ocean, and sip on something with one of those little umbrellas. Since that’s not going to happen we here at Fancy That are bringing summer back to Portland, palm trees and all! And while we can’t actually get to a tropical island, we can turn up the heat, put on our bathing suits and party like summer never ended!


palm tree theme party

Check out these palm tree plates and napkins  from Slant – I love the gold foil details! The tassels in gold, lime and hot pink add just the right amount of flair. Click here to shop all our palm tree party supplies.  Photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography


wooden glitter utensils

Inkberry makes the most fab wooden glitter utensils. Trust me, food tastes so much better when you’re eating it with something fancy.


push up pop favor

Sixlets are the! Pair them with Fancy That’s signature favor line and your guests will be going home with a big smile and hoping to be invited to your next party!

So don’t pack away your summer clothes yet! This palm tree party is calling your name! Hit Fancy That and then head to the tropics your house, set up for your par-tay, play some Don Ho and start living Aloha!

Stay fancy,



Our Favorite Pokemon Party Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Searching for Pokemon party supplies?  I know!  They are SO hard to find.  But look no further.  Our creative minds at Fancy That have rounded up all the Pokemon party supplies and Pokemon party ideas you’ll need to create a fabulous party.  We even provided a free awesome Pokemon download and Pokemon DIY just for you.  So let’s get this Pokemon party started!

First, gather all your materials (listed below).  Luckily, you can get the party supplies by shopping at Fancy That online at  Or, simply stop by the shop and we will help you gather all your party must haves. We have plenty of plates, napkins, straws, cups and utensils in your choice of Pokemon-themed colors too!


{Photo Credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography}

Need a unique favor for your fellow Pokemoners?  Our new gift bar is where you want to be.  Our flip top candy favor containers and tubes are perfect filled with Pokemon-colored chocolate sixlets or gumballs!  You can also use our best-selling popcorn boxes as favors or snack boxes – they look adorable filled with crackers or popcorn!  To make your favor extra fancy, simply print out our free printable and use either adhesive paper or card stock to print your Poke Ball. If using card stock, just add a bit of double-sided tape to add to your favor.



{Photo Credit: Katie Hickenbottom Photography}

Now, let’s make the party scream POKEMON PARTY by creating this super cool 3d Poke Ball.


Here’s how to make your own DIY Poke Ball!


1 red and 1 white 12” Fancy That honeycomb

2 pieces of black card stock

1 piece of white card stock

Optional: 2.5 circle punch and 3.5 circle punch

Glue gun

Double-sided tape



  1. Cut two 1.5 x 11 inch strips of black card stock and attach together with tape.
  2. Open honeycombs half way and attach together.
  3. Punch or cut out a 3.5 inch black circle.
  4. Punch or cut out a white 2.5 inch circle.
  5. Tape white circle on top of black with double sided tape.
  6. Attach the dots to the black strip at seam.
  7. Hot glue the black strip to the edge of the honeycombs. (The strip doesn’t need to go around the entire honeycomb ball)
  8. You’re done!  Use your DIY Poke ball as a center piece on your table to add a bit of fun to your Pokemon party.


Photo Credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography

Now get ready and par-tay!


Donut Party

We’ve got donuts on the brain! This mint and coral donut party is sure to be a hit!  Filled with crafty details and sweet treats, this collection with delight your guests!

Donut Party
Mint and Coral Donut Party! Find the donut banner here!


Add a fun back drop to your table using our birthday banner and tissue tassels.
Using one of our birthday banners and tissue tassels we created a fun party backdrop.


We are in love with our DIY donut pinata and donut balloons. Check out our blog posts to find out how we made them!
We are in love with our DIY donut pinata and donut balloons. Check out our blog posts to find out how we made them!


Pile up your donuts on one of these durable donut plates (because you know you can’t eat just one).


You can get pretty messy eating donuts! These fun napkins will clean that mess right up!
You can get pretty messy eating donuts! These fun napkins will clean that mess right up!


How cute are these milk jugs?! Fill the jug with milk, then use one straw from the pack to poke a hole through all the donuts. Place the donut on top of the jug, then use a clean straw through the donut hole.
How cute are these milk jugs?! Fill the jug with milk, then use one straw from the pack to poke a hole through all the donuts. Place one donut on top of each jug, then place a clean straw through the donut hole.


As much as we would like to only eat donuts, sometimes it's nice to have a little variety. We filled these popcorn boxes with marshmallow cream coated popcorn and topped it with yummy sprinkles.
As much as we would like to only eat donuts, it’s good to have a little variety. We filled these popcorn boxes with marshmallow cream coated popcorn and topped it with yummy sprinkles.  The mint popcorn boxes are adorable plain but are over the top cute with donut party dots attached to them!


Like we said, you need a variety of food, but it can still be donut shaped! We filled up our baking cups with cereal - perfect for 3 year old's to snack on!
Like we said, you need a variety of food, so we filled up our baking cups with donut shaped cereal – perfect for 3 year old’s to munch on!


Who needs a cake? Using a whole bunch of donuts we created a donut cake. We topped it off with some adorable custom flags and a sparkler candle!
Who needs a cake? Using a whole bunch of donuts we created a donut tower. We topped it off with some adorable custom flags and a sparkler candle!


These tins, filled with donut shaped sugar cookies, are perfect for sending your guests home with a little something sweet.
These tins, filled with donut shaped sugar cookies, are perfect for sending your guests home with a little something sweet.


Table top


Now that you know how crazy cute a Donut Party can be, stop into Fancy That and pick up your very own donut party supplies!

Visit our Orenco Station celebration shoppe or shop the entire collection of donut party supplies here!   We offer free shipping on orders over $35 too!

Party on!

Look What We Got!

fancy that


Oh my goodness. I am so unbelievably excited for all the super cool things we just brought into the shop. And I’m not talking about cute new products, but of course we have those too! I am talking about amazing shopping experiences no one else has. Can you say, balloon bar, confetti bar, and gift bar, oh my! We also are adding a totally interactive party maker station, where you can arrange all your party pieces to ensure the exact look and feel you are going for. Really cool stuff, right?!

Giving a gift (or party) should be just as much fun as getting one. Our expert staff is available to work with you every step of the way to ensure the gift giving and party planning process is seamless and fun! In fact, you can even make an appointment with one of our party and gift stylists. Not only will this guarantee one-on-one time with our knowledgeable staff, but we will also have specific ideas pulled together for you to review when you arrive.

We know that your time is at a premium. We are all busy. That is why we want your shopping experience to be nothing short of … well, fancy! But, if visiting our shop doesn’t fit into your schedule this week or the next (Seriously, we’ve all been there. We get it.), we just added SAME DAY LOCAL DELIVERY through a local courier service!

Check out our newly designed website! We think you will love the new features! To celebrate the launch, SAVE 20% off all online orders today only! Enter code LAUNCH20 at checkout.

Our fancy fans make it all possible. We ❤ you and want your shopping experience to always be totally unique, totally fun, and totally fancy!

Party On!


Simple DIY Confetti Coffee Sleeve

We are always looking for new ways to use our party pretties.  I decided to play around with our confetti and came up with a quick and easy way to add a little fancy to our paper cups.  It is so simple and looks adorable!

confetti-cup{photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography}

Turn paper cup into a fancy party cup!

You will need:

*Clear packaging tape


*Fancy That paper cup-we have a ton of paper cups that work like a charm

*Fancy That confetti- grab a bag or two or three. There are so many pretty colors!

Sprinkle confetti on the surface of your choice (a cutting board works particularly well).  To measure tape, wrap a piece around the cup, adhesive side out, then cut the tape to fit your cup.

NOTE: In order for the tape to fit flat and snug around the cylindrical shape of the cup the tape will overlap and become uneven. This is ok because it allows the confetti to look like it is climbing up the side of the cup.  So wrap up the tape tight even if it is uneven.

Slide tape off cup and roll in sprinkled confetti. Shake off the excess and slide back around cup. Pat confetti tight to the tape so there isn’t any sticky tape left uncovered. Now stand back and admire your handy work.

Voila! You have a simple and darling DIY Confetti Coffee Sleeve.

You don’t have to limit your sleeve to just cups!  Katie filled our clear tubes with cotton candy to make a cute party favor.  The sleeve works on square items too.  You can use the same technique to jazz up our 4×4 colored boxes. The possibilities are endless!

confetti-tube{photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography}


Party On!


Mother’s Day – Let’s Flamingle




Birds of a feather … well, you know the story! Mama’s, let’s flock together this Mother’s Day and flamingle in style with this season’s hottest party trend – flamingos! Enjoy some yummy bubbly and the cutest flamingo-inspired snacks around, while you check out all the latest fancy things that have landed in the shop.

Throw the cutest fruit themed party around!

We are celebrating a fruit-uitous event. Our Meri Meri fruit themed party supplies have arrived just in time for the opening of the Orenco Station Farmers Market. Whoop whoop!

With the market bursting with fresh fruit and berries and Fancy That bursting with cool ideas and supplies you are set for hosting a fresh and fruitful party.  Why a fruit themed party? Because it’s so hot right now and it’s a grape opportunity to serve up some healthy snacks while creating a colorful party that boys and girls of all ages will enjoy.   So set your table with our watermelon napkins, pineapple plates, hang the cutest ever honeycomb fruit garland across your mantel and, skewer all sorts of fresh fruit with our new fruit picks.


fruit-shot{Photo courtesy of Meri Meri}


Need more decor to make your venue pop? Never fear we’ve provided a fun tutorial for creating strawberries out of our honeycomb hearts.


DIYHoneycombStrawberry{photo courtesy of Katie Hickenbottom Photography}


Here is the skinny creating a honeycomb strawberries.

To make the strawberry heart:

* Materials: honeycomb tissue heart, glue gun, card stock for the leaves, scissors

Step 1: Cut out 4 long leaves with the paper.

Step 2: Pinch one end and glue each into the crevices of the heart.

Step 3: Cut a long thin piece of card stock roll it into a cylinder. Make sure it’s tight so that it holds its shape. Glue along the edge of the roll and squeeze together.

Step 5: Flatten the stem at one end and glue  the “stem” into the center of the tissue heart.

Done! We are bananas about these strawberries.

For more fruit party ideas, visit our pinterest board!


Celebrate National Admin Day!

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate????


We couldn’t live without them! Don’t let all their hard work and ability to keep things rolling along go unnoticed. Did you know that today is National Administrative Assistant Day? It’s time to stop and recognize those hard-working secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and administrative support professionals that keep us all on track, organized and beyond! Say thanks in style with some of our fun and unique gift ideas from Fancy That.

Check it out!

How about a fun Sip Sip tumbler! Hydrating is a must at work. Why not fill one of our adorable sippers with fancy paper shred, some Seattle chocolate truffles and a gift card to their favorite beverage joint? You could even add a little inspirational banner to keep them smiling on the job?!



You can’t go wrong with a delightful artisan soy candle or a beautiful reed diffuser from Paddywax. The perfect addition to their desk or office space. Not only do they smell amazing, but they add a fun pop of color sure to brighten up any dĂ©cor!


For those who like to relax and unwind after a long day, pair their favorite spirits with some of our delicious drink mixers, a mason jar shaker some paper straws and fun quotable cocktail napkins!


Make tea time fun and fancy with this chic diffuser from Tea Forte. Throw in a beautiful mug, some loose leaf tea and a few honey sticks too. Who wouldn’t love this?



Don’t forget!

Teacher Appreciation Day is just around the corner too. Spoil all of the fantastic teachers in your life on May 3rd for National Teacher Appreciation Day! They deserve something extra fancy!

From journals and chocolate, to snarky mugs and shower bursts, we have the perfect gifts to show just how much you care. We even gift wrap! It couldn’t be easier. Let us help you express your gratitude. Teachers and assistants are the greatest!


Stay fancy,



DIY Spice Organization

Oh spices, you make my food taste so good but I hate having to search through the millions of  you to find the one I want! Okay, so maybe not millions, but I do have a lot of spices (sure most of them are expired but they’re probably still ok, right?).  Anyway, all this searching made me tired and I realized that I needed to get these things organized! At Fancy That we have these great little metal window tins that are perfect for holding spices! So I got a bunch of them, some fun washi tape, and a couple magnetic strips and got to work!

DIY Spice Containers
I chose this gold glitter washi tape from the shop that I LOVE. We also have chalk tape that would work great too!

So, first install your magnetic strips to a wall or the inside of a cabinet door. You can find these strips at your nearest Swedish home goods store. Pour your spices in the metal tins, then tear a piece of washi tape off and apply it to the top of the tin. Write the name of the spice and maybe the expiration date (if you care about things like that) and then stick it to the metal strip. Bam! Your done and totally organized!

DIY Spice Containers

DIY Spice Containers

What’s your spice organization method?  I want to know!

Happy organizing!